Yet Another Blog

Well, we’re going to give thing thing another try and I hope against all hope that it actually works! Previous blogs have been thrashed, trashed, and generally ouchified. This one will work, though, darn it!

I am constantly reminded that if I have my systems properly set, such problems never happen. I am now redoing all of my systems! Blogging, marketing, even presentations are all getting the 2020 overhaul (stop laughing!) I have determined that I am disorganized and thus have hired a lovely lady (say hi, Cheryl!) to assist me solve my work vs. time issues. It’s true. I have an assistant. It’s a lovely, lovely thing to be able to just ask her to figure it out and explain it to me in small words while I dash to the next appointment. She’s magical! It just happens! I am so keeping her in a pumpkin shell.

I am so happy to end this quarter and begin the next with a good outlook because everything is running as it should. It gives me the time to do what I love best – and I’m best at- serving my clients! Did you hear that, world? I have time! It’s amazing!

If this post works – and cross your fingers – I am going to ask Cheryl to slam in a bunch of my old blog posts so they aren’t lost forever. Of course, she did that with the one I kinda, sorta accidentally killed. Erk. Sorry!