Ants, Remodels, and… Instagram?

Remodeling Impact: Outdoor Features
You know your yard has some super curb appeal potential, but where to begin? Check out the Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features from the National Association of REALTORS®. It’s got some interesting data on how landscaping affects home value, especially those with tons of curb appeal. They beat out most indoor projects when it comes to adding value to your home!

Who says Instagram is all about filters and trendy decor? We collected some fab home projects posted by Instagrammers that do more than just lure likes: More efficient bathrooms. IKEA storage hacks. Kitchens that function better. And (of course) they look #sogood, too.

How to Get Rid of Ants
Follow these natural remedies for ants. Trap foragers in a sticky, nearly empty honey jar. Sprinkle ant pathways in dry areas with diatomaceous earth, or put boric acid in crevices. Track odorous ants back to the nest—armed with a vacuum cleaner—then wipe down trails with soapy water to throw them off their scent. Bait can turn foragers into poison mules but can also increase traffic. Now do a deep clean (is that a Twix behind the sofa?). Carpenters are tricky. My favorite solution is TERRO ant bait. It’s amazing! If you’ve got these chompers, or any ant that won’t take a hint, call a pro.

Yet Another Blog

Well, we’re going to give thing thing another try and I hope against all hope that it actually works! Previous blogs have been thrashed, trashed, and generally ouchified. This one will work, though, darn it!

I am constantly reminded that if I have my systems properly set, such problems never happen. I am now redoing all of my systems! Blogging, marketing, even presentations are all getting the 2020 overhaul (stop laughing!) I have determined that I am disorganized and thus have hired a lovely lady (say hi, Cheryl!) to assist me solve my work vs. time issues. It’s true. I have an assistant. It’s a lovely, lovely thing to be able to just ask her to figure it out and explain it to me in small words while I dash to the next appointment. She’s magical! It just happens! I am so keeping her in a pumpkin shell.

I am so happy to end this quarter and begin the next with a good outlook because everything is running as it should. It gives me the time to do what I love best – and I’m best at- serving my clients! Did you hear that, world? I have time! It’s amazing!

If this post works – and cross your fingers – I am going to ask Cheryl to slam in a bunch of my old blog posts so they aren’t lost forever. Of course, she did that with the one I kinda, sorta accidentally killed. Erk. Sorry!